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A collection of links to music, video, interviews, press ect

Link to string orchestra piece "Body Textures", visuals by award winning Yoshi Sodoeka

Press release for audiovisual EP, "Body Textures". Visuals: Yoshi Sodeoka, string orchestra: DUEN, Conductor: Morten Ryelund, Label: DACAPO Records and music by Signe Lykke

Review in Danish newspaper, Weekendavisen. "Panic Day" by Uppercut Dance theatre, music by Signe Lykke

Press release by Århus Musikhus: presenting the 60 min. piece "VIIRS", music by Lasse Ziegler, Anders Bach and Signe Lykke. Premiere in Rytmisk Sal the 22nd of November 2018 at 20 PM

Review in Danish online magasin, Cphculture. "Panic Day" by Uppercut Dance theatre, music by Signe Lykke

Review in Danish online magasin, Teateravisen. "Panic Day" by Uppercut Dance theatre, music by Signe Lykke

An interview about the diciplinary project, "Pneumaticks". Music by Lil Lacy and Signe Lykke

An interview and my solo violin piece in Danish radio. Violinist: Christina Åstrand, DISTORTION Festival 2014

Press release for the Wilhelm Stage at DISTORTION Festival. I am currating the show and the musical program, 2014

Interview with music blog FRImusik about the collaboration and making of the EP "Join Forces", 2014

An interview in the SPOT festival magazine about the collaborative project "Join Forces" and the upcoming concert at SPOT, 2014

Review in Danish music magazine, GAFFA., "Join Forces" by Penny Police, 2014

An article about the new SYNC project, "SYNC Sessions". A collaborative project between classical composers and songwriters. Premiere September 2014

Working with sound engineer Bjørn Gjessing on the award winning film, "Først når Danmark forstår". Music and speaking by me, 2013

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