Composer & Musician

Join Forces is a collaborative project between songwriter Penny Police and me. I have arranged, co-written and orchestrated the music. I sing backing vocals on the EP and I have also produced it.

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Up in the trees is written in response to "if not for you" written and performed by Bob Dylan and George Harrison at a benefit concert in Bangladesh the 1st of August 1971.

Signe Lykke: vocal and drums

Lasse Ziegler: guitar (electric and acoustic) and vocals

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To George is a tribute to the music of George Harrison - a kind of dedication to his contribution to popular music.

The story is reflecting upon my life in London and the challenges of living in such a metropolis of noise and bustle including the adjustments I have had to make as a foreigner, and the surprisingly strong feelings of nationality and roots-awareness that have emerged.

Signe Lykke: vocal

Lasse Ziegler: Guitar (acoustic and electric) and drums

Piano: Kit Wilson

Trumpet: Emma Jean

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Armour is written as an attempt to depict the emotional life of British singer -songwriter Nick Drake. I was heavily influenced by the Pink Moon sessions.

Signe Lykke: Vocal

Kitty Xiao: piano

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Motel Love tells the story about life as a touring musician and how lonely I imagine that is. How one becomes so isolated that seeking affection and comfort in the company of strangers is the only salvation!

The wait is over, you said. So slowly peel me like an orange. Fake your love tonight, come save my life. Motel beds and vine coloured walls. I’m on my knees in these great halls. I’m a dark horse running on a dark race course’ (the fourth verse and last chorus in ‘Motel love’).

Signe Lykke: vocal

Lasse Ziegler: electric guitar and drums

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Eli was written as a part of my Bachelors project at the Rhythmic Conservatory of Music in Copenhagen 2011. It is a modern take on music complementing the old western movies. It was also featured in a short film in late 2011 by Danish filmmaker Frigge Fri

Signe Lykke: vocals

Lasse Ziegler: Elctric guitar

Piano: Oscar Johansson

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