Composer & Musician

Piece for solo violin, Blue Season. Originally written for British violinsit Harriet Wheeler. Premiered in December 2013 at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen.

The piece is about the scandinavian climate, especially the northen wind. Please see link to soundcloud below


Lync's Lullabye is for solo piano and inspired by the mysterious universe of filmmaker and artist David Lynch. Recorded at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen and performed by Australian pianist, Kitty Xiao. Please see soundcloud link below


This music is written for a documentary film by Danish director Frigge Fri and was featured at the Danish film festival CPH:DOX in November 2011

It was recorded at the Royal Danish Academy of Music by Sound engineer Bjørn Gjessing in October 2011.

Instrumentation: String quartet and piano. Please see link to soundcloud below


Lullabye for Muts is a piece I wrote for my mother. It is for mixed ensemble and consists of a simple lullaby I wrote a few years back.

Please see link to soundcloud below


Meeting Steve was written after my very first introduction to the music of Steve Reich in 2010

Instrumentation: String quartet (note: midi sounds)

Please see link to soundcloud below


Mehretu was written as a part of my Bachelor's project in March 2011. The project consisted of 5 pieces of music influenced by both rhythmic and classical music and as a part of a collaboration between the Rhythmic Conservatory of Music in Copenhagen and the Royal Classical Conservatory of Music. The music is inspired by Ethiopean painter Julie Mehretu and her graphic style of work. Please see link below







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