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Signe Lykke is a composer, arranger, singer and songwriter based in Copenhagen.


She grew up in the Danish countryside, where music was an on-going battle between her father’s Rolling Stones LPs and her mother’s passion for early church music, and a vital part of her childhood. Now, later in life her love for music of all kinds shines through in her music.


Holding a masters degree from both The Rhythmic Conservatory of Music in Copenhagen with voice as her principal course of study, and in classical composition from Trinity Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London, Signe has studied with composers alle over the world such as Paul Newland, Deirdre Gribbin, Russell Pinkston and Stephen Montague. Her areas of interest are wide ranging and have led her to work on several inter interdisciplinary projects and with musicians from all over the world.


She has received several scholarships and honors and is a member of the prestigious Fulbright family. In May 2013 she founded her own company, SYNC Productions (

Signe has taken every opportunity to write for a variety of ensembles and forces including symphonic orchestra, string orchestra, choir, solo piano, big band, and various band constellations. Through her music she explores the grey areas that can be found between classical music and styles of music based in the Afro-American idiom.

Recently, I was introduced to Signe Lykke's work "Blue Season" for solo violin.

It is a beautiful piece which I am so glad to have on my repertoire. I have played it on a festival in Denmark and a festival in Finland, summer 2014. Both audiences was breathtaken both by the poetic atmosphere and forceful output of the music.


Signe has a natural talent for finding the true sound of my instrument and as a composer and person, the flexibility to search deeper for the right musical line in the music.

I am looking forward to working with her on many interesting projects in the future.


Signe Lykke has a natural, and rare, talent for making music/composing and has both skills and phantasie to search for inspiration in all kipds of music.


- Christina Åstran, Violinist and concert master, DR National Symphony orchestra


We have witnessed Signe grow tremendously in her own right. Her development, both academicaly and personally, is significant and she has matured both as an individual and as an artist. Signe recognizes the importance of a strong work ethic, loyalty, persistence and intellectual and artistic integrity.


- Henrik Sveidahl, Principal at RMC, Copenhagen

Signe Lykke is a very energetic and curious composer who has an innovative approach to combine artforms and esthetics in music.


She has good skills and a genuine heart in her artistic signature.


- Carsten Dahl, composer and pianist

Signe was a student of mine in Orchestration for Large Ensembles at Trinity Conservatoire of Music (London), 2011-2012. She was a refreshing addition to my orchestration class as a musician from a non-classical background suddenly thrust into this demanding new area.

I was delighted to see how well she rose the challenge. She covered this large, unfamiliar ground by conscientious work and impressive determination.

She was a delight to have as a student and I am sure will succeed in whatever she undertakes.


-Dr. Stephen Montague, Professor of Composition, London





Signe Lykke is a extraordinary strong, determined, hardworking, curious and most importantly very talented young woman. She is not an average type of student because she has a talent for singing (she can express almost anything with her voice) and a musical imagination and skills to compose, arrange and orchestrate in many different styles of music.

She makes me proud of being a Danish woman. We do not have many women in Denmark with the skills to arrange and compose for bigger ensembles and even for cross-over ensembles.


- Hanne Boel, professor in vocals at RMC, Copenhagen

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